Making criminal justice efficient fair streamlined faster modern cloud-based secure tablet-based

Custom-built software for
the system, designed by people
within the system.



Justice Innovations improves arrests nationwide by customizing our cloud-based software to the unique needs of each client. 

We harness data science to help keep innocent people out of jail, strengthen criminal cases against the guilty, and save millions of dollars in the process.


Our data-focused solutions
directly lead to: 

More efficient arrests

Faster workflow
for prosecutors and officers

Vast reduction in
dropped charges

Millions in annual savings for county court systems

+ More Benefits

Timely prosecutor advice to officers who are still on scene strengthens filed cases
Weak cases are screened out at the earliest possible time and lowest possible cost
Web-based Direct Filing increases efficiency throughout the justice system by enabling cases to be docketed immediately and efficiently
Strengthens relationship between officers and prosecutors
Reduces multiple charges and over-charging
The chances innocent people will be incarcerated, even overnight, are minimized
Educates officers and aids in the training and retenetion of career prosecutors
May reduce lawsuits since legal decisions are made by attorneys not police officers

A pre-authorization intake system saves on average $1.8 – 2.9 million per 100,000 residents versus
the traditional method of arrests.

Take a closer look at a recent case study, where we uncovered the hidden cost of No Action dispositions and the high savings of preauthorizing arrests with prosecutors.